Each woman is on her own journey with her own struggles. I will meet you where you are at right now. The goal is transformation. Transformation from a life limited by health issues to the limitless, unabridged version of you…living the life you always dreamed.

Right now, there is probably a part of you that believes this is possible, and a part of you that doesn’t. After all, you’ve tried before and things haven’t worked out. Love that scared and defeated part of you, and choose to break this stronghold once and for all. I see transformation everyday and know for a fact that it’s not only possible, but very doable.

You deserve to be the healthiest version of yourself!

I believe in you and know we can do this together!

Meet Dr. Suzanne

Hi! I’m Dr. Suzanne, a woman who knows how to help women. I am not a one trick pony, with a one size fits all approach. What I do is not my job, it’s my life. This isn’t because I don’t have balance, but rather because I have a purpose. I live a purposeful, intentional life. I practice what I preach, #zerohypocrisy.

I don’t just care about your symptoms, or want to figure out which tests are the best to run, I want to know about you! You, who has to wake up each and every day in your body and run your life. You, who has to deal with your challenges. You, who wants to feel good and have energy to accomplish your dreams, but is struggling to make progress. You, who is so confused about the next step to take in order to truly heal and be healthy.

I am here to help YOU!

Working With Dr. Suzanne

Dr. Suzanne believes in treating the person, not the symptom.  She partners with you to get a comprehensive health picture in order to determine and treat underlying imbalances in your body, guiding you to optimal wellness.  

Dr. Suzanne is passionate about finding the most up-to-date and effective solutions for her patients.  Her determination to figure out the answers to even the toughest health issues, coupled with her quest for cutting edge knowledge, often keeps her up at night.  Because of her comittment, you can expect to receive advanced, thorough, individualized, and compassionate care. You will be heard and you will heal!

Do you want to leverage the power of Functional Medicine, coupled with a clinician who has utilized it for 13 years?  Contact Dr. Suzanne to start living your best life today!